Here are some tricks and tips and general information to deal with what too many of us deal with on an unfortunate daily basis. This is just sharing, do with the information what you will...

The Warning Signs:  Here are some signs to look for in diagnosing diabetes. Early detection can save many heartaches in the future.  Frequent urination and dehydration (always thirsty), cuts and bruises heal very slowly (more than a few days), heavy dryness on your feet (especially heels), get tired quickly (unable to make it through a normal day), limbs "going to sleep" often and for more extended periods, "spiking" or needle poking sensations in various parts of your body, numbness of finger tips or toes, eye sight slowly degrading. Now, many of these symptoms are related to other factors, but if you do experience several of these "signs", does it really hurt to see a medical professional to have it checked out?


 Clothing Preferences:  Here are some clothing tips for the diabetic. No tight clothes, especially when you sleep. Since diabetes affects your blood flow through your body, restrictive clothing will inhibit blood flow even more. When you sleep, your blood flow slows with inactivity, so this is a major time period to watch out for. Be aware of the joints; wrist, elbows, shoulders, neck, knee, ankle, waist. These are special areas to watch where clothes binds and cuts off circulation. So for men, boxers are better than briefs.


Diet and the Food we eat:  Be aware of what you put in your mouth always. Look at labels when shopping (especially the sugar section VS serving portions). Go "diet this and diet that" though diet drinks and foods have added sweetners which are mostly bad for your body, right now we are concerned with not getting our sugars too high. Fruits are sugars too, though more easily digested and used by our bodies more effectively we still have to limit how much we consume. Did you know?  plain bagels have at least 5 grams of sugars (2 equals 10 grams and add your cream cheese to this, wow!). Sugars hide themselves well so look, read, and compare before you swallow your foods.


The Scary Part:  Here are some things to think about. Some of the more severe effects of diabetes, especially from the age of 40 on up are; loss of feeling in limbs (nerve damage are mostly irreversible!), loss of eyesight, loss of limbs due to minor injuries (cut and bruises),  loss of energy (losing 12 hours or more a day to sleep periods), impotence, coma, heart attack, stroke, and this is just to name a few. Blood flow is our lay of life and diabetes affects the flow of blood in your body.


Tricks, Tips, & Other Info:  These are just some tricks which I have done to make the adventures of diabetes, less adventurous.

1. When selecting a syringe, short needles are easier to work with because you don't have to worry how deep you have to go or not go. Just poke and push all the way in. You don't even have to watch it go in (out of sight, out of mind).

2. Poking the needle at a slight angle and spinning it a little between your fingers helps to get an easier penetration for me.

3. I usually poke lightly first around the area I am planning to inject and find a spot which doesn't hurt as much, then I push all the way in to finish the job.

4. Generally I have found that the price of Insulin is within a few dollars($2 or 3) no matter where you go to buy it, but syringes can vary in price by more than a few dollars. Walmart Supercenters and Savon Drugs have given me the best prices at $13-14 per #100 quantity pack. Here is an update: I have found that with the increasing cost of insulin, nearly $12 in the past year, an alternative to those who take Humilin 70/30 (like myself) Novalin 70/30 is sold also at your local Walmart for a considerably lower cost. How much? General price for Humilin 70/30 at Walgreens and Savon is $35 per 1000 unit bottle, novalin 70/30 $20 per bottle at your local Walmart and this would be considered like a generic. Now, I do not get paid for pushing Walmart and if ever they rise their prices for insulin, I will be the first to tell you. However, if you do not take Humilin 70/30, you may want to ask your Walmart pharmacist if Novalin makes the type of insulin you take. You'll save more than just a few bucks...

5.  Did you know that Insulin and most diabetics supplies (syringe, test strips, etc.) are "OTC" over the counter products?  Most pharmacies will sell them to you without a prescription. And talk to your Pharmacist, they can provide you with a wealth of information about insulin usage and other medicine related facts.

"These are just a few to help you get started,  I'll add more as we go along..."


"How BAD can it really get and how fast?"

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Below is an "infolink" which I have not really read through myself yet (planning to study it more soon),

but is a compilation from various medical websites regarding Insulin, it's usage, benefits, etc. etc. etc.

Insulin Info

Insulin on the Go!  Here is a website for Walmart, where I got my Novopen.

A true help for people on the go.  Insulin usual triple in price than the normal

bottle, but when you are out, it's worth it. (approximately $120 for 1500 units)


Footwear for the DAS (Diabetic Advanced Syndrome)  Footwear that Heal


Diabetic Diet Information PDF (8 megs)




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